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Our expert NFL picks for Week 15 of 2022

Here are our picks for the week, and the cruelest last place punishment of the year.

Okay, we’re getting chippy in our weekly picks. The amount of trash talking we’re hitting each other with has really ramped up as we approach the end of the season and it’s manifesting itself in incredible ways.

For the second straight week we’ve seen a “first to worst” trend with RJ Ochoa being this week’s victim. When it came time for David Fucillo to think up a punishment tweet for RJ, Fooch went RIGHT for the jugular.

Just click though and get your popcorn ready because Cowboys fans were BIG MAD at this suggestion, as you’d expect. I absolutely approve of RJ trying his best to make people understand that this was a tweet punishment and not his actual belief, but it was too late. There are literally hundreds of angry replies, memes, GIFs and all of the above.

Full credit to RJ for taking his punishment like a champ, and shame on Fooch for being this mean.

Now, onto our picks for Week 15.