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Jerry Jones’ $1.3B stadium is still blinding Cowboys players, and he doesn’t care

Jerry’s response to AT&T Stadium’s sun issue is hilariously bad.

The Cowboys’ future is so bright they have to get shades ... literally. Michael Gallup missed out a touchdown Saturday afternoon when the wide receiver lost the ball in afternoon sunlight shining through AT&T Stadium’s large end zone windows.

This is unquestionably one of the funniest possible responses from an owner with issues like this. Most would simply say “yes, it’s a problem and we’re going to correct it,” but instead Jones refuses to admit there are any problems with Jerry World, instead chalking it up to football people not knowing where the sun is.

This isn’t a one afternoon problem. It’s been an issue since the stadium was built, and architects knew it. One story from 2016 noted that designers essentially banked on AT&T Stadium leading to mass development in Arlington, with the belief that new construction would eventually be built up and block out the sun problem inside the stadium. That hasn’t happened, so now, six years later, we’re still seeing the Cowboys battling the glare during afternoon games at home.

For Jones to correct the issue it would admit that his palace isn’t perfect — which is why he’s burying it down his list of issues. Jerry would sooner ask his team to “pay attention to where the sun is” than dare putting shades on the offending windows that would help his team win more games.

It’s unquestionably one of the stupidest unforced errors in the NFL, and there’s no end in sight. Asking teams to adjust to a failed development bet instead of correcting the issue would require acknowledging that the sun shines in the sky, and not out of Jerry Jones’ read end — and that isn’t happening.

So, keep getting used to being blinded at AT&T Stadium, because this issue isn’t going anywhere. It’s going to be delicious when this decides a home playoff game.