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This TikTok roasting Tom Brady fans is hilariously accurate

This TikTok user burned an entire generation of Tom Brady fans reacting to his retirement.

Tom Brady was arguably the best quarterback in the NFL at 44 years old this season, which is why his sudden retirement feels so shocking. The legendary QB announced he was hanging up his cleats after a 22-year pro career on Tuesday following days of speculation about his future. Brady exits the NFL with seven Super Bowl championships, which is more than any individual franchise. There’s a strong case that he’s the greatest football player ever.

ESPN reported Brady’s intention to retire over the weekend, but Brady took a few days to compose a message to the fans. If you have been online at all over the last few days, you know that his fans have responded by writing their own tributes to Brady. Half of my Facebook feed right now is dudes I went to high school or college with pouring out their heart for the one true NFL GOAT.

If you’re anything like me, you find the Brady lovefest to be a little nauseating despite the fact that he was an objectively great player. Fortunately, a young woman on TikTok captured the feelings of every Brady hater in a 33-second video.

That’s from creator @talialichtstein. Her bio on the platform is Spread negativity❤️and she’s certainly living up to it on this. We love to see it.

She has over 1 million TikTok followers, so clearly she’s doing something right.

Next time you see a lame Brady tribute on social media, send them this TikTok. She sums up 22 years of hating in one perfect clip.