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The Bengals grabbed Jalen Ramsey’s facemask on 75-yard Super Bowl TD and got away with it

How did the refs not catch this?

The Cincinnati Bengals only needed one play to take a second half lead in Super Bowl LVI. Joe Burrow tossed a 75-yard touchdown to Tee Higgins over Jalen Ramsey on the first play of the third quarter to give the Bengals a 17-13 lead over the Los Angeles Rams. After the extra point was kicked, replays showed that Higgins clearly grabbed Ramsey’s facemask just before catching the ball.

The refs somehow didn’t call offensive pass interference, and the touchdown counted. How did the refs miss this? This should be such a clear cut penalty. Watch the highlight of Higgins’ touchdown and get a closer look at the blatant facemask grab below:

The Bengals then intercepted Rams QB Matthew Stafford on LA’s first play of the ensuing possession. The momentum in Super Bowl LVI is swinging to the Bengals’ side out of halftime.

Basically everyone on Twitter yelled that Higgins’ touchdown shouldn’t have counted.

It’s been a rough day in the Super Bowl for Ramsey so far:

The Bengals got very, very lucky that Higgins wasn’t called for a penalty to wipe away his touchdown. Rams fans will remember that play if their team doesn’t win the game.