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Here’s EXACTLY how harmful your NFL team is to your health

Yes, the Jets are actually hurting their fans.

NFL: DEC 12 Saints at Jets Photo by Joshua Sarner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you’re a fan of a terrible NFL team you don’t need me to tell you it’s harmful to your health. You know the stress, the anger, the frustration at watching a team lose time, and time, and time again. It’s nonsensical to invest that much time and energy into something that hurts you, but we do it anyway.

We know loving a terrible teams is bad for our health, but we haven’t really been able to put it into terms we understand — now we know exactly how much damage has been done. A 2013 study titled From fan to fat? Vicarious losing increases unhealthy eating, but self-affirmation is an effective remedy found that losing games is a huge influence on the eating habits on fans. Fans of a losing team consume 10 percent more calories on Sunday than the average American, while fans of winning teams ate 5 percent less calories on game day than the average.

Using these figures, applied the methodology to the last five years of the NFL, and I’m really sorry Jets fans, but your team is killing you.

If we assume the Jets remain terrible for the next decade, which could be a safe bet — then by the end of it fans will have consumed 61,020 more calories than the average American. That decade and a half of losing will have contributed over 24 DAYS of recommended daily calories to your life.

Meanwhile, it’s great news if you’re a fan of a really good team. Despite the burnt ends, cheesy corn and gooey butter cake, Chiefs fans have consumed on average almost 4,000 less calories than the typical American. While the Jets are killing their fans by being terrible, the Chiefs are helping their supporters live a longer, happier life.

If you’re a Bengals fan, now is the time to get on that health kick. It’s been overall a rough span, but Cincinnati is ready to turn it around. So get back on the wagon, and know your team winning is going to help make you a better person.