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The 7 best NFL schedule release videos

The Chargers created art.

The only good part of the NFL’s out of control and overwrought the schedule release are the team videos. All 32 of the league’s social media teams work their tails off to create the most elaborate, awe-inspiring schedule releases possible — and at this point it’s become its own competition between the teams.

Long gone are the simple schedule graphics, now replaced with works of art. Now it’s time to celebrate the absolute best of the NFL this year. These are the greatest schedule release videos of 2022.

No. 1: Los Angeles Chargers, “Anime”

This is absolute perfection, and arguably the greatest schedule release video of all time. The Chargers went so far above and beyond not only to completely animate their schedule release, but evoke some of the greatest anime ever along the way. Whether it’s invoking Naruto, One Piece, One Punch Man or Food Wars, every element of this came together in perfection.

The Chargers have come a long, long way since accidentally tweeting about P.F. Changs.

No. 2: Detroit Lions, “Detroit Urban Survival Training”

Nothing on the internet has evoked Detroit in recent years like the meme-inspiring “Detroit Urban Survival Training.” D.U.S.T has been all over TikTok, Instagram and Twitter — teaching us all the lessons of how to take the knife off an attacker and destroy them like Liam Neeson in one of the Taken movies. I love this.

No. 3: Denver Broncos, “Intern Russ”

Evoking last year’s “Intern Peyton Manning,” the Broncos went back to the well with their new quarterback. Russell Wilson is getting a lay of the land in Denver and experiencing what it’s like to be the new guy at work. Very well done.

No. 4: Carolina Panthers, “Back to the 90s”

Carolina went full nostalgia to remind us everything that was great (and horrible) about the 90s. From the music and the ads, to the horrors of dial-up internet, this had it all. It’s another solid effort from the Panthers, though maybe not as flashy or funny as the others on this list.

No. 5: Dallas Cowboys, “Stephen A. Smith”

There’s nothing else that needs to be said. Even if you detest SAS this was really funny and well done.

No. 6: New York Giants, “Eli’s Secret Project”

Everyone wants a Manning for their schedule release, and the Giants gave us two. Both Eli and Peyton star in this one, and it’s a hilarious ode not only to the former Giants QB, but a reminder of how great the Manning bros are together.

No. 7: Seattle Seahawks, “Fake Schedule”

This one is simple, mean, and wonderful. Between telling players they had to play on Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year, to revealing they had an abnormally early Week 5 bye, and capping it off with the most ludicrous travel schedule imaginable, this prank is so unfair and also great.