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The Bengals new uniforms are the coolest in the NFL


The Cincinnati Bengals are rolling out new all-white alternate uniforms next season and they are beyond incredible.

The official uniforms will unveiled by the Bengals soon, but this look is so fresh it hurts. I love that these are alternates that actual make sense. White bengal tigers are a thing, and the black and white look should become their full-time away uniform. The orange and black at home, the white away — it just all makes sense.

It’s astonishing that in the matter of a few short years the Bengals have become one of the coolest teams in the NFL. Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and Co. have completely changed the face of the franchise, and these uniforms are another fresh coat of paint in continuing the evolution.

A smart offseason should keep Cincinnati on the right trajectory, and now all signs are pointing to this team being a staple contended for a long, long time to come. Most of us wish our team was this cool.