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Aidan Hutchinson’s ‘Billie Jean’ karaoke on ‘Hard Knocks’ was so good a teammate ripped off his clothes

The best “Hard Knocks” moment came early this year.

There’s a whole conversation we need to have about the Lions becoming a franchise worthy of envy, because that’s its own whole conversation. For now we can just focus on one moment from Tuesday night’s debut of Hard Knocks, specifically Aidan Hutchinson — who took part in some rookie embarrassment when he was asked to sing in front of the entire team.

I’m no Simon Cowell, but this actually isn’t terrible. I mean, it’s not great — but by football player standards he has some pipes, and daring to jump into one of Michael Jackson’s most iconic songs is a bold, dangerous move.

However, this was all a prelude to the moment you might have missed.

That’s the point of all this, right? It’s about vulnerability and team building. The purpose is to have Hutchinson look a little silly to show a No. 2 overall pick isn’t immune to being treated just like everyone else in the building. I get it, and that’s why this is wonderful.

We all know the Lions have a long way to go, but moments like this, as silly as they seem, establish Detroit as a team to watch in the upcoming years. We could be seeing something very special, and before you assume that’s impossible: Imagine saying the same thing about the Bengals in 2019?