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This Andy Reid impersonator was so good it would fool even a die-hard Chiefs fan

Which is the real Andy Reid?

There have been a lot of fans who have dressed up like Andy Reid over the years, but nobody has come close to being such a dead ringer for the Chiefs’ coach than this guy.

Maybe it’s because I’ve watched way too much of The Rehearsal lately, but I’ve become obsessed with impressions like this. I absolute love how the fan isn’t just growing a push broom mustache, throwing on some Chiefs gear and calling it a day, they’re really capturing every element of Reid’s character.

Most obvious is the gum chewing, which Reid is known for — but it’s little touches beyond that. The fan has down the speed and frequency with which Reid glances around the field, how his glasses slide slightly down his nose, landing just before the tip. The way he shows no emotion while glancing down at the playcard following a snap, offering only a small nod of approval when something goes right.

This is the absolute gold standard for doing an impression of an NFL personality, and it’s so good it’s actually a little creepy.