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Our expert NFL picks for Week 2 of 2022

The humiliation is underway as Week 2 beckons.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Picking NFL games is always difficult.

But picking games in the first week of a new season is often the toughest task of all.

Instead of actual results and performances from previous weeks that can be used to shape decisions, those trying to predict the outcomes in the first week of a new year are relying on the hopes and dreams of each team, dreams built and crafted over weeks of training camp footage, HBO specials and clips on social media.

Sometimes that points us in the right direction.

And sometimes that leads us astray.

That perhaps is what befell Pete Sweeney, who found himself in last place after all was said and done. For the consequences of his failure, he is required to send out a tweet crafted by the weekly winner from his personal Twitter account, and thanks to a tie-breaker, that tweet will be crafted by Jeanna Thomas. We’ll let you peruse Pete’s timeline to identify the tweet in question.

As a reminder, we are still looking for an end-of-season reward/punishment, so feel free to drop in some suggestions for us. And please, the more of you that share out the weekly embarrassing tweets, the better it will be for us all.

With that business behind us, we turn to Week 2. It kicks off with a meeting between two football-throwing aliens on Thursday Night Football, and comes to a close with a pair of games on Monday night, with the Tennessee Titans taking on the Buffalo Bills, and then the Minnesota Vikings squaring off with the Philadelphia Eagles.

And now, the picks: