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Our expert NFL picks for Week 4 of 2022

Who got embarrassed in Week 3, and who are we picking now?

I don’t want to talk about it. Wait ... what do you mean I have to talk about it? It’s my job? Fine, okay you got me. Week 3 sucked out loud, for pretty much all of us.

It’s extremely cowardly to blame anyone else for your mistakes, but I’m going to go ahead and put this one on the entire AFC for the debacle we saw. The Chiefs losing to the Colts? The Chargers getting blown out by the Jaguars? Miami beating the Bills? Sure, maybe you could have seen the Dolphins getting one over on Buffalo — but it was still a shocker.

Last week I channeled my inner Josh McDaniels and got way too cute with my personal picks. I looked at the schedule and thought I could streak ahead by making a few counter picks, and hoo boy did I pay for it. Losing the week came with my punishment, and I fully deserved it.

This hurt my soul, so thanks to Michael Peterson, who won the week and destroyed my soul by making me compliment Baker Mayfield, Matt Rhule, AND the Saints all in one tweet.

Now, let’s get to this week’s picks, where hopefully I won’t face embarrassment again.

The two big games this week hinges on are Bengals vs. Dolphins and Colts vs. Titans. Both are total tossups, and I think we’re all still waiting to see if Cincinnati can really return to form. Last week’s win over the Jets was encouraging, but also a total gimme. Meanwhile the Colts and Titans are both wildly inconsistent, and it’s impossible to know which version of each team will turn up on Sunday.