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Philadelphia is celebrating the playoffs with GREEN HOT DOGS


Hot dogs. They’re amazing. They’re comforting. Sometimes ... they’re green. Eagles fans are getting to prep for the playoffs in processed meat tube style with carts being set up around Philadelphia handing out free green “Bird Dogs.”

We need to discuss more than just green hot dogs here because there’s something more amazing inside the description of these.

“Tasty Dietz & Watson beef franks topped with diced long hots, provolone, and crunchy onions.”

I’m obsessed with the term “long hot.” Neither I, nor anybody at SB had heard this being a term for a long hot pepper. It’s so great. It would be like calling a cherry tomato a “chunk explosion.” It another reminder that for all the history and legacy of Philadelphia, there are also times y’all are like an alien civilization transplanted onto the east coast of the United States and nobody understands what you’re doing.

Spot the lie. You put canned cheese whizz on sandwiches, you have your own word in “jawn“ that nobody else understands, your cultural touchstone is this guy.

Columbus Blue Jackets v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

So enjoy your green hot dogs, Philly — and never, ever change.