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Kayvon Thibodeaux did snow angels after injuring Nick Foles, and apologized for it

Kayvon Thibodeaux said he didn’t realize Nick Foles was injured when he did snow angels next to him on the ground.

New York Giants rookie Kayvon Thibodeaux came off the edge unblocked from the blindside and hit Indianapolis Colts quarterback Nick Foles from behind during the second quarter of a Week 17 game on Sunday. As Foles writhed on the ground in pain, Thibodeaux went right into his sack celebration and did snow angels on the turf. Cameras caught Thibodeaux doing a sleeping taunt on the sideline after the play as Foles was in clear pain.

Foles was injured on the play, and taken out of the game. He eventually limped to the sideline, and then took a cart to the locker room . Thibodeaux was heavily criticized for the celebration on social media, and apologized for it after the game, saying he didn’t realize Foles was hurt. Watch the play here:

The Giants won the game, 38-10, to clinch a spot in the NFL Playoffs.

Here’s a look at Thibodeaux doing a “put him to sleep” taunt on the sideline as Foles was clearly injured on the field:

Thibodeaux did appear to look over at Foles while he was doing the snow angels.

Here’s Thibodeaux’s apology from the after the game:

“After a sack, you celebrate,” Thibodeaux said twice. “I think when I did realize he was hurt, that’s when we started getting up. When you are doing the celebration, you are not looking to see who is doing what. I hope he gets well, and I hope he is all right.”

There were a lot of people calling out Thibodeaux for a lack of class after the game:

The Giants have been one of the best stories in the league this season under new head coach Brian Daboll. They have already doubled their win total from last season with one game left to play. It’s New York’s first playoff appearance since 2016.

Thibodeaux is a big part of New York’s future, but people are going to hold this one against him if he crosses the line again.