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Even the Cowboys’ Twitter account is roasting Dak Prescott after latest NFL playoffs loss

Throwing him RIGHT under the bus.

If you were on Twitter shortly before midnight on Sunday you might have seen this — one of the most incredible and stunning tweets I’ve ever seen from a team account.

There’s nothing factually incorrect about the tweet. Dak played poorly. He’s accepting responsibility for the loss to the 49ers — and while some is a little unfair considering the lack of weapons the Cowboys had on offense in 2022, the two interceptions did hurt the team.

Still, we never see a team account throw their own player under the bus like this. Especially a quarterback about to count $50M against the cap in 2023. We are well past the point where a single social media member on a team can tweet like this, or even a social team can go rogue. NFL teams are so buttoned up that at least four or five different people saw that this tweet was going out, and gave it their okay. Some people at the highest levels of the team also saw this and were fine.

Simply incredible stuff. What a great way to start the week for Dak Prescott.