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A Chiefs fan eating a baked potato is the viral star of the NFL playoffs so far

The Uno reverse card was played to perfection here

Very rarely do we see the actual live version of a Yu-Gi-Oh trap card being played in real life, but this Kansas City Chiefs fan used the trap card to windmill dunk on an unsuspecting Jaguars fan ... over a baked potato.

It was very cold in Kansas City, and instead of bringing traditional hand warmers to the game, this fan was operating in the year 3023 and brought a baked potato into the stadium to use as both a warming device and an in game snack.

This Jaguars fan assumed that this was disgusting, and yet most fans side with the baked potato person. I’m with the bringer of baked potatoes here—this is a win-win in terms of warmth and comfort. Plus, when you eat the potato, it warms you up on the inside.

However, the plot thickens. COMPUTER—ENHANCE.

The potato person was playing chess all along! She snapped a photo of the person taking a photo of her eating the baked potato, and proceeded to get the last laugh on social media.

You might not be able to have your cake and eat it too, but if this potato wielding Chiefs fan taught us anything, it’s that you can have your baked potato and eat it too.