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Tyler Huntley somehow made the Pro Bowl

Seriously. This isn’t a joke. We promise.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes. Josh Allen. Joe Burrow. Lamar Jackson. Justin Herbert. The AFC is rich with the best quarterbacks the NFL has to offer. Also Tyler Huntley plays in the AFC. Now the Ravens’ backup quarterback is heading to the Pro Bowl — for some reason.

So, we know the AFC has an injury problem at quarterback right now. Justin Herbert is hurt, so is Lamar Jackson, and Tua Tagovailoa won’t play — now with Josh Allen opting out there’s a serious vacuum, and it’s sucking up guys like Huntley and spitting them into the Pro Bowl.

As it stands the AFC will now be represented by Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence and Tyler Huntley at QB. It remains to be seen whether Burrow will play too, meaning we very well could see the Bengals’ quarterback opt out and then the real fun begins. Will we see Pro Bowl quarterback Zach Wilson?!

Jokes aside, this makes absolutely zero sense. Getting angsty about the final quarterback on a Pro Bowl roster is the kind of football analyst degeneracy nobody should aspire to, but still, this is utterly head scratching.

AFC QB Comparison

Player Passing Yds CMP% TD INT Passer Rating
Player Passing Yds CMP% TD INT Passer Rating
Ryan Tannehill 2,536 65.2 13 6 94.6
Jacoby Brissett 2,608 64 12 6 88.9
Derek Carr 3,522 60.8 24 14 86.3
Russell Wilson 3,524 60.5 16 11 84.4
Davis Mills 3,118 61 17 15 78.8
Tyler Huntley 658 67 2 3 77.2

There is absolute no logical reason Huntley should be a Pro Bowl QB over other players in the race, outside of the fact that “Snoop” is one of the best nicknames in the NFL. When you’re statistically inferior to Davis Mills and making the Pro Bowl it’s a sign we need to dismantle this whole thing and rethink it all.

Alternatively, we could just embrace how hilarious this all is. That in a league so dedicated to excellence and perfection we could have something fall through the cracks to the point where someone named to the Pro Bowl did this:

What a time to be alive.