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Joe Mixon’s coin flipping touchdown celebration is a not-so-subtle shot at the NFL

This is one of the best touchdown celebrations of the season, even if the NFL office won’t love it.

The Cincinnati Bengals are finishing out the regular season in Week 18 under strange circumstances after their previous game against the Buffalo Bills was canceled because of Damar Hamlin’s medical emergency. With an unbalanced schedule, the NFL decided that a coin flip would decide homefield advantage if the Bengals lose and the Chargers win in Week 18. Even though the Bengals won the division, they could play at Baltimore if the Ravens then win a coin flip.

The Bengals want to leave nothing to chance against Baltimore in Week 18, and jumped out to a double-figure lead in the first quarter. As running back Joe Mixon scored the Bengals’ first touchdown, he pulled off an end zone celebration that will go down as one of the year’s best. After Mixon scored on a short run, he pulled a coin out of his sock and flipped it. Watch the celebration here:

You can bet the Bengals are not exactly excited about the prospect of playing a playoff game in Baltimore, especially if they won the division anyway. Fortunately for Cincy, it looks like they’re going to take care of business in Week 18 against Ravens’ third string QB Anthony Brown.

Mixon owes a tip of the hat to former Bengals great Chad Johnson, who came up with the idea on Twitter. Mixon followed through with the celebration once he got in the end zone.

The Bengals are about to push their winning streak to eight games. They will be sitting pretty for the playoffs even with the mess stemming from the canceled game against the Bills.

Props to Mixon for one of the most creative TD celebrations of the year.