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Michael Jordan, 6’6” guard in North Carolina, led the Panthers in scoring

LeBron could never.

We can settle the endless debate of which NBA player would be the best to play football, because Michael Jordan scored a game-winning touchdown on Sunday.

This is easily one of the funniest things to happen this season. Not only is Michael Jordan playing for the Carolina Panthers, not only does he play guard, but the man in 6’6”. Sure, he’s also 315 pounds and he’s from Cincinnati — but those are technicalities.

It doesn’t change the fact that Michael Jordan led Carolina to a win courtesy of a hilarious fumble recovery. The Panthers went on to beat the Saints 10-7, and without MJ stepping up in a clutch moment in a game they would have lost, if not for his heroics.

So you can keep your whole “LeBron could play tight end” thing — because we have already settled that Michael Jordan is the GOAT when it comes to scoring points in the NFL.