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49ers long snapper signed ‘f*** around and find out’ to DK Metcalf after win

I’ve never been more invested in any beef in football.

Seattle Seahawks WR/known sign language trash talker DK Metcalf had an up and down day on Sunday. He posted two catches for 52 yards and a touchdown, but only on five targets as the 49ers’ defense once again frustrated Metcalf and a Seahawks offense led by QB Drew Lock (Geno Smith was out due to injury) in a 28-16 Niners victory.

How frustrating was it? Well, after a Drew Lock interception by Fred Warner, Metcalf went to make a tackle, suplexing Warner (an incredible feat of strength if we’re being honest). Warner took offense to that, bashing Metcalf in the back of the head after he got up, leading to a heated shouting match that developed into what we call a brouhaha.

Of course, after Metcalf scored his first touchdown of the day, he used sign language to say, “my little dog w-o-o-f,” which is absolutely incredible.

However, to the winner goes the spoils, and by spoils I mean right to talk cash shit. 49ers long snapper Taybor Pepper hopped onto social media to send a message back across the bow at Metcalf, but of course it was in sign language.

For those at home, Pepper said, “14, f***** around and found out,” which again, I cannot hate. If you win, you get to talk trash, and the Niners won.

I don’t think anyone here is in the wrong, I just love how sign language has become the trash talk medium of the year. We need more players to learn ASL so we can start firing trash talk at everyone.