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Travis Kelce hit the stankiest stanky leg TD dance the Super Bowl has ever seen

Watch Travis Kelce’s perfect Super Bowl stanky leg.

Super Bowl LVII got off to a hot start when the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs each scored touchdowns on their opening drives. Both teams haven’t reached the end zone the first time they touched the ball in the Super Bowl since the Bears-Colts played in 2007.

After the Eagles scored on a Jalen Hurts QB sneak, the Chiefs came back and answered when Patrick Mahomes threw a dart to Travis Kelce. It’s the 14th time Mahomes and Kelce have connected for a postseason TD, and this time Kelce had something special for the occasion. When Kelce scored, he immediately busted out the “Stanky Leg” dance. Watch the TD celebration here:

Here’s an even better angle:

Here’s the play Kelce scored on. How does he get open all the time?

That’s a beautiful route, and a beautiful Stanky Leg. We all knew the Kelce brothers would be a huge Super Bowl storyline, and Travis came ready to play.