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AJ Brown’s Super Bowl TD was a perfect example of his development for Eagles

Brown has become one of the better deep ball receivers in the NFL, and his Super Bowl TD was a huge example

When the Eagles traded for AJ Brown in the offseason, they were hoping to get a dominant ball winner who could operate over the middle of the field and do the dirty work after the catch.

What they got was that and a whole lot more, and his 45-yard TD in the Super Bowl was a perfect example. Brown has become one of the better deep route receivers in the entire league, and this touchdown was an awesome exhibition.

Brown runs a deep 7 route, or a corner route. Specifically, Brown runs a “burst” route, breaking inside to create space to sprint towards the corner. The Chiefs have the play covered with the corner and safety, but as the ball is thrown, CB Trent McDuffie takes one last look at Brown.

That’s where he makes his mistake. McDuffie was in good coverage, but panicked as the ball was coming down. Brown also makes a great adjustment to the ball, and the play ends with an Eagles TD, putting them up 14-7 in the second quarter.

With so many big plays already, this is quickly turning into an outstanding Super Bowl.