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Seeing Mama Kelce meet both her sons after the Super Bowl is so emotional

Who’s cutting onions?

We always knew Super Bowl Sunday was going to be simultaneously the best, and the worst day for Mama Kelce — but newly-released video of her on the field shortly following the end of the game really puts it all in focus.

It’s impossible to imagine how it feels to be overjoyed for one child, and heartbroken for the other. She’s already seen both sons reach the mountaintop before — so it’s not quite as painful, but it still hurts to see one of your kids in pain while also wanting to celebrate.

The moment with Jason Kelce is particularly poignant. I love that he embraces his mom, sheds some tears, then tells her to go and celebrate with his brother. He took him moment, now he wants to make sure she has a good time as well.

One thing that also stands out if how both Jason and Travis loved watching the mom live it up all week in preparation for the game. The whole thing is beautiful, and this was the perfect ending to an amazing week.