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Better NFL Draft comparisons for Tyree Wilson, Anthony Richardson, and other prospects

We’re back with more 2023 NFL Draft comparisons.

Last week, I wrote some NFL Draft player comparisons to things that had nothing to do with football, and let’s just say the responses were pretty awesome to see. So, I’m not even going to waste time. Here are more NFL Draft player comparisons that have nothing to do with football, yet make so much sense.

Tyree Wilson: MCU Thor

First of all, I mean come on.

Texas Tech’s Tyree Wilson is just built like an Avenger. Nick Fury probably has Wilson’s number on speed dial in case another one of those balloons is found in the US.

What makes Wilson such an enticing prospect is his versatility and raw power. The EDGE defender played inside a lot for the Red Raiders and showed heavy hands and incredible strength and power when lined up. He’s inconsistent with his pad level, and doesn’t have supreme bend, but just like the God of Thunder, he works in bursts of power, overwhelming opponents on the offensive line.

Cody Mauch: Norse accurate Thor

According to Norse mythology, Thor is described as looking a little chunky, not fat though. Norse Thor is described as being barrel chested, with a large beard, the cooler looking Thor in my opinion.


In addition, Norse accurate Thor was also portrayed as fierce and always ready for a fight, often being short-tempered as well. One of the things that stands out about Mauch is his ability to finish blocks in the run game. Coming from North Dakota State, Mauch is well taught in angles and hand placement in the run game, and despite being a lighter lineman at 305 pounds shows a good ability to drive and create lanes in the run game.

He’ll probably end up getting kicked inside at the NFL level, but Mauch should continue to bring his power to the NFL level.

Peter Skoronski: The Cart Titan, Attack on Titan

Northwestern OT Peter Skoronski doesn’t have the elite athletic tools. He’s probably not going to break the NFL Combine with his measurements, but what he can do is win with technique and his mind against premier college edge defenders.

Much like the Cart Titan/Pieck Finger from Attack on Titan, Skoronski is lower to the ground than his counterparts (he’ll come in at around 6’3 maybe, with shorter arms than people want), but with his intelligence and ability to always get the proper angle in pass protection, he offers great support for any NFL offense, at any position you put him at. The Cart Titan is somewhat underrated in terms of titan powers in the show because they have to be on all fours, but you can attach weapons to it, and they can carry supplies, being extremely valuable in battle without being the star. Skoronski should fare better than the Cart Titan in most individual battles, though.

Quentin Johnston: Tengen Uzui, Demon Slayer

When you watch TCU WR Quentin Johnston, you don’t get the vibe that he’s 6’4. However, what he does extremely well is work in the Yards after Catch category, and stretching the field vertically. Johnston uses long strides to fly past defenders vertically and horizontally.

When you look at Tengen Uzui, he looks like a strong, powerful Hashira who would win using strength. However, he’s a former shinobi who wins more with speed and sound than overwhelming strength. His quick reflexes and lightning quick speed allowed him to go to to toe with Gyutaro and get the victory in the end, despite having to cut off his arm due to poison. Johnston has not confirmed if he has three wives though, the jury remains out.

Anthony Richardson: Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece

Ok, hear me out.

Florida QB Anthony Richardson, when playing to his potential, can do things very few people have the ability to do in the NFL. He shows better process than people believe, and has an easy release with arm strength to all three levels of the field.

However, the biggest issue for Richardson is the lower body mechanics. Sometimes he tries to throw with all arm, or doesn’t get his feet fully set, causing passes to sail and take his accuracy down heavily. He also has the propensity to do some stupid stuff sometimes, but you live with it because of the natural ability that he has.

The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates has the propensity to do some really, really, stupid stuff, but there’s nobody else in that universe with the Gum Gum Fruit, and the ability to use it like Monkey D. Luffy. When Luffy is serious about a fight and goes all out, he has the ability to destroy worlds. Much like Richardson when he takes the field.

Devon Witherspoon: Katsuki Bakugo, My Hero Academia

When you watch Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon, the competitive fire stands out immediately. He’s physical at the line of scrimmage in press despite being a smaller corner (listed at 6’0, 180 pounds), and one of the better tackling corners in this draft class. While the aggression can get him into trouble at times, his ability to set the tone while still playing aggressive is attractive to NFL scouts.

Katsuki Bakugo is very similar, in terms of the competitive spirit. He’s also trying to be the number one hero like the main character, Izuku Midorya, but he goes about it a different way. He uses his aggression and speed to overwhelm opponents, which of course can cause problems, but with some more discipline that’s come since the series started, he’s become an all around hero and the perfect foil to Midorya. Witherspoon is looking to be the star of this draft class however, but will do it in his own way.

Tank Dell: if Kirby swallowed Kazuya Mishima

BREAKING NEWS: Houston WR Tank Dell is tiny. He measured in at the Senior Bowl at about 5’8 and 163 pounds, and would probably be the lightest player in the NFL. However, you have to EARN the name Tank, and what Tank Dell lacks in height he makes up for with extreme amounts of DAWG in him. Dell uses bursts of speed and acceleration rather than true burner speed, to create separation in the short areas of the field. He’s a walking highlight reel, and will find a spot on a team despite his size.

In Super Smash Bros, Kirby can swallow opponents and take their powers, to use it against them. Kirby is very small and looks very unassuming, but in a fight Kirby is a god devouring soulless machine who shows no mercy on opponents. If he were to swallow Tekken’s Kazuya Mishima, who is a MENACE, he would get Mishima’s speed and bursts of explosive power, but in a bite-sized frame.

Siaki Ika: Blastoise, Pokemon

Baylor DT Siaki Ika might be less defensive tackle and more double wide RV. The defensive linemen was listed by Baylor at 6’4 and 357 pounds, and his power in the run game is evident. It’s hard to stop a man that big from going wherever the heck he wants, and Ika can instantly be a plus one in your defense’s run game. He’s not a finished product in the pass rush department, but he has shown flashes.

When you look at Blastoise, he might not be the best in terms of attack. You might opt for an Empoleon or Suicune in that case. However, you might not get much better in defense than Blastoise, who is huge and has water cannons on his shell to prevent any damage from opposition. Blastoise has also shown some surprising agility before, something Ika can emulate in the NFL.

Jalin Hyatt: Shinra Kusakabe, Fire Force

I’m not sure I’m as high on Jalin Hyatt because of the lack of a diverse route tree, but one thing is for sure: he’s got a special talent with his speed and ability to threaten defenses vertically. He’s a great ball tracker, and with his easy speed, he causes problems for opposing defenses. He might not be a top flight wide receiver, but his ability to stretch the field is definitely a priority for NFL offenses.

Shinra Kusakabe does not have a large bag of moves, but what he does have is what Fire Force calls “The Devil’s Footprint”, extreme amounts of firepower coming only from his feet. Which makes him fast.

Really fast.

Like so fast he slows down time.

If you can stop it, you might get the win, but you have to be faster to catch Shinra, which sounds a lot like Jalin Hyatt.

Darnell Washington: Bane

I mean, there’s not many tight ends who are 6’7 and 270 pounds who can move like Darnell Washington. Coming from the University of Georgia, Washington is a big plus in the run game, being able to block in space and in confined areas. While he’s not a super duper athlete, Washington is still athletic enough to be a mismatch problems on linebackers and safeties, and can do this:

Bane is similar to Washington in using his size and frame to overwhelm others, while being nimble enough to catch opponents off guard if they sleep on his athleticism.

Come to think of it, Bane would be a pretty good Y tight end, if he chose to blow up opposing defenses instead of, well, the entire stadium.