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Super Bowl media day’s most ridiculous moments for Eagles, Chiefs

Nothing can prepare you for the dumbest moments from Super Bowl media day

Super Bowl media day is the most farcical date on the NFL calendar. Players and coaches are herded into the stadium, forced to sit at tiny elevated podiums, or walk around the floor while getting peppered with questions from all angles, often from outlets with questionable credibility.

The issue isn’t so much its construction, but that outside of known NFL reporters the league basically has absolutely no standards for who gets allowed in. Hell, a few years back they even let me talk to players at Super Bowl media day.

For every three legitimate football journalists trying to get their stories filed before the game, there are another 10-15 people who somehow got credentialed with no idea about football. I’m not trying to single anyone out here, but in Atlanta I distinctly remember a man in a sequined orange suit with bright yellow glasses frames introducing himself as part of a web-only German news show, and he was asking every player if they’d been to Dusseldorf. Stunningly, none had been to Dusseldorf. That was his only question.

This is the first year media day has re-opened in earnest due to Covid, and I’m happy to report that it’s back on its bullshit. There’s something comforting seeing things return to normal, even the surreally stupid.

This reporter, who really needed to check Nick Sirianni’s bio

I’m fascinated to know who thought this was the hard-hitting story they had to obtain.

How about this guy, apologizing to a rather confused Jalen Hurts

Hurts is giving off some real “I have no idea who you are” energy.

Patrick Mahomes was asked his plans for Valentine’s Day while preparing for the Super Bowl


All the restaurants are packed to the gills with people trying to make up for a year lacking romance by getting all their gestures in at once. Kitchen staffs are overworked to the point where even the best places are sub-par.

Just order in from your favorite casual place, get a nice bottle of wine, light some candles, pick up a special dessert from that awesome bakery in town — and chill. Easily the best way to spend this made up holiday.

Asking Jason Kelce if the league is actually scripted

I’ll never forgive Arian Foster for this.

How about this guy, who dressed for the job he wants?

I guess the job is “naked cowboy.” No offense to radio peeps, but y’all are the worst.

As much as I hate dumb Super Bowl questions, I love a good bit

This is making the rounds everywhere, and it should be noted that it’s a bit. Dave Dameshek has been asking the “must-win game” question forever, and it’s designed to be tongue in cheek. Still, this deserves to be included because I really don’t think Sirianni understood it and still managed to pull off answering seriously.