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Adam Vinatieri loves Justin Tucker just like the rest of us

It turns out even Adam Vinatieri loves Justin Tucker.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Who does not like Justin Tucker? Seriously? Who?

It feels like all football fans are huge fans of Tucker and universally acknowledge him to be the best kicker in the National Football League. Sometimes we take things like who JT (Tucker, not Justin Timberlake to be clear) is for granted then miss it all too much when it’s gone.

When it is all said and done Tucker may go down as the GOAT of place kickers in professional football but his primary competition for that crown is none other than Adam Vinatieri. Everyone knows Vinatieri for his big kicks in Super Bowls, but people actually forget that he was a perfect 5/5 in the Divisional Round on the way to Peyton Manning’s Colts winning it all in 2006 in a game that Indianapolis won 15-6. Incidentally the losers of that game were the Baltimore Ravens so fate smiled upon them just a handful of years later when they found Tucker.

In the lead up to Super Bowl LVII I was fortunate to catch up with Adam Vinatieri thanks to his work with DiGiorno. We talked Tucker, how he thought about playing for the Dallas Cowboys, and the mechanics of kicking. You can watch the interview here.

It is wild to me that Adam considered joining the Cowboys back in 2006 and that he went to play almost 15 years after that. He truly has one of the longest careers of anybody that will one day wind up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Adam joined us on behalf of DiGiorno as mentioned. If any field goal or PAT attempt hits the uprights or crossbar and Doinks during Sunday’s Big Game then DiGiorno will give away free pizza. Enter at for a chance to win.