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Jets players are already trying to convince Aaron Rodgers to join them

Here we go!

The potential of Aaron Rodgers landing in New York is heating up, and Jets players are already salivating over the idea. Shortly after it was confirmed that team owner Woody Johnson was flying out to California to meet with Rodgers, players began swooning over the potential of playing with No. 12.

Sauce Gardner is making the most impassion plea. Not only is he offering to make life easy in practice for Rodgers, but he’s willing to get rid of the cheesehead he wore in Green Bay last season.

Running back Breece Hall, also entering his second year in the league, is similarly excited.

Mekhi Becton is ready to block for him.

CJ Uzomah is on board too, but he’s not buying what Sauce is selling.

This is going to be an absolutely wild process to see play out. Rodgers is interested, the Jets sure as heck seem to be in on this, and the Packers are ready to get off the No. 12 ride. Buckle up, folks.