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NFL’s 8 best 2023 schedule release videos, ranked

These were SO GOOD.

NFL Schedule Release day has become a hilariously weird tradition in its own right, and it’s more or less the Super Bowl of creativity for a lot of people inside the organizations. Social media teams invest tons of energy thinking up new, creative ways to unveil their team’s schedules — and goodness, did 2023 deliver.

There really wasn’t a bad video in the bunch, but some teams went above and beyond to create something iconic.

Los Angeles Chargers: Anime

This is utter perfection and shows how valuable it is to have haters on staff.

Tennessee Titans: “Fans” on the street

What’s amazing about this video is that it proves you don’t need to spend a ton of money if you have a creative idea. The Titans easily put out one of the cheapest schedule release videos, and it was still one of the best in the entire NFL.

Carolina Panthers: Showbiz

Having the longest-tenured player in team history, long snapper JJ Jansen play the role of director was a great nod to the team.

Chicago Bears: The Bear

When you pair one of my favorite shows ever with WWE’s Seth Rollins you’re going to make me a happy camper.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Conspiracy Theory

I love that they played into the idea of the NFL being rigged here, but man... 8.5 minutes is a LONG schedule release.

Cleveland Browns: DPW Wrestling

It feels a little like Celebrity Deathmatch, but blending that with commentary from WWE’s The Miz puts this one on a whole other level. Amazing work.

New England Patriots: Retirement House

Pretty simple, but a great way to honor team legends.

New York Jets: GeoGuessr

I don’t know what to say about this ... it’s beyond my comprehension how anyone can do this.

I’m once again begging the NFL to let their teams go wild on social during the regular season as well. Schedule release is fine and dandy, but we know how good these people are. Let them show it all year round.