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Dan Campbell wore a t-shirt of a t-shirt of himself at Lions OTAs

Dan Campbell’s Dan Campbell t-shirt at Lions OTAs is next level.

We have reached the OTA portion of the NFL calendar.

Typically, that makes for a difficult time in the NFL media space, unless you have an affinity for charting completion percentages during 7-on-7 periods. However, Dan Campbell made everyone’s jobs a little easier on Thursday. The Detroit Lions head coach showed up to his press conference Thursday morning wearing an incredible shirt.

The shirt featured a photo of Lions general manager Brad Holmes who, when the photo was taken, was wearing a shirt of his own which had Campbell on it.

Confused? Perhaps a visual will help.

Here’s the original shirt Holmes was wearing earlier in the week:

Of course, Campbell said that his wife “found” it but I’ll leave that speculation up to the reader. Finding this shirt in a Detroit Lions-themed store somewhere in the city definitely isn’t out of the realm of possibility. After a simple search on Google, I couldn’t find the exact shirt Holmes wore, but there are a lot of Dan Campbell shirts, which I think is kinda neat.

It’s always been clear that the Detroit Lions are a very tight-knit organization and group. From their hilarious stint on Hard Knocks, to the impassioned postgame videos released about the team, they always seem to have each others’ backs, and it has found its’ way up to the GM and the Head Coach. The entire organization seems to be in sync on what their goals are and what they plan on doing in the short and long term, and it allows them to work freely...or wear shirts of each other for press conferences.

I think more teams should do this, and not only in the world of sports. If you love where you work and who you work with, wear a shirt with them on it. I love where I work at SB Nation, I’d wear a shirt with Mark Schofield on it. Shirt would be dope as hell too. We need to get on that (/writes idea down in notebook).

The Lions are having fun, and it’s fun to see.