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Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask are STILL so inaccurate it defies belief

You can probably throw better than the Bucs QBs.

I don’t care who you’re set to have under center in 2023 — it’s not going to be worse than Tampa Bay. Hell, we could reverse history and remove Aaron Rodgers from the Jets and I’m not sure Zach Wilson would look worse than what Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask are doing at OTAs for the Buccaneers.

Watching Mayfield and Trask throw rudimentary passes is akin to witnessing a baby’s first steps. They have the general idea down, but you know it’s about to be funny every time. If Russell Wilson is “cooking,” then Mayfield and Trask are like watching the kids on Masterchef Junior light a towel on fire and scream until Gordon Ramsey saves them. I mean, just look at this ball in relation to where the receiver is.

We already knew the Buccaneers had the stinkiest quarterback room in the NFL this year, but watching it play out is surreal.