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Travis Kelce is still shooting his shot when it comes to Taylor Swift

Mad love or bad blood?

The “are they or aren’t they?” rumors around Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce aren’t going away any time soon. Rumors began earlier this month that Swift and Kelce might be dating, with neither party really saying whether it’s true or not.

When Jason Kelce of the Eagles was asked about his brother’s dating life he joked that while he doesn’t really keep up with who Travis is dating, he believes that it’s “100 percent true” that T. Swift and T. Kelce are an item. On Thursday we got closest to the answer with Travis appearing on The Pat McAfee Show to address the rumors and discuss the season.

So ... no. They’re not dating. It’s could happen in the future, and at least this gives credence to the idea that the pair are texting — but there’s nothing official on the cards right now. Basically the pitch is “I’ve seen you perform, so see me play.” We can move this rumor to the back burner, for now.

However, should Taylor randomly appear at Arrowhead Stadium on a Sunday for no particular reason other than watch the Chiefs, then we can see the world explode.