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My viral Twitter joke accidentally became a Chris Christie fundraiser

Oh no...

There’s a great many things I expect as part of this job. I’m going to have analysis that falls flat, my mock drafts are going to bust, and I’m going to get messages from boomers who find me on Facebook after I say something that makes them upset.

“Being part of a presidential candidate’s fundraiser” was not one of them.

Over the weekend Taylor Swift went to Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis Kelce play. Maybe you’ve heard about it? I know not many people are talking about it happening, but she did. So when the Cowboys’ broadcast showed Chris Christie sitting next to Jerry Jones a joke popped into my mind.

The tweet was much bigger than I intended, which is always fun. It’s neat to have a tweet explode, even if the notifications get overwhelming. By Monday morning over 6.8M people has viewed the tweet, and I thought little of it — until Wednesday night.

With the GOP presidential debates taking place a follower sent me a screenshot of an automated text message he received from the Christie campaign.

This is an exceptionally bad fundraiser. I mean, Christie’s core demographic appears to be Jerry Jones and his campaign is out here trying to appeal to Taylor Swift fans. Do you think people like Jerry Jones know Taylor Swift lyrics? Hell, I bet if you asked Jerry who Taylor Swift was he’d think it was a running back in the 1970s.

I don’t endorse Chris Christie. I don’t endorse any presidential candidate — just to be clear. That said, if people Tweet takes like “spaghetti is the worse food of all time” to get interactions and some Elon Bucks, then surely I deserve a small percentage of Christie’s fundraising money for this.

I’ll take my $7.18 over Venmo, Chris.