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The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of great wide receivers

Do not forget about the non-Justin Jefferson wide receivers on the Minnesota Vikings.

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Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Ask anybody and they will back me up.

I said that the Minnesota Vikings were a good team and deserved their flowers... throughout the 2022 season.

Prior to that season beginning I even picked the Vikings to win the NFC and reach the Super Bowl. I was that confident in who they were as a team and as they piled up wins I looked like a freaking genius. What a time to be me.

Unfortunately our world is full of haters who refused to acknowledge their greatness. The Vikings have low key been one of the better teams in the NFL throughout the Kirk Cousins era, but because of his meme-ability nobody ever wants to give them their props.

If there is anybody on the Vikings that gets praise (deservedly so) it is wide receiver Justin Jefferson. People tend to attribute whatever success they do have to him and to him alone.

But beyond even Kirk the Viking shave all sorts of playmakers and throughout the week on Radio Row in Las Vegas I was able to speak to two of them on my show The Morning Huddle at 94.1 San Antonio’s Sports Star thanks to our friends at Sleep Number.

Minnesota Vikings WR Jordan Addison

Minnesota Vikings WR KJ Osborn

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It is easy to focus on Jefferson and Jefferson alone, but when he was out this past season both Addison and Osborn really delivered. Addison had 10 touchdowns! And that is even considering all of the constant change at the quarterback position after Kirk Cousins’ injury. Osborn

Addison was really confident in the Vikings, too. At the end of our conversation I asked him for his expectations of the team next season and he very confidently said... Super Bowl.

I’m in.