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Taylor Swift made it to Super Bowl LVIII, and we’re tracking her every move

Have no fear, Taylor Swift has made it to the Super Bowl.

You can stop worrying now.

Taylor Swift has made it to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

In the days surrounding the AFC Championship Game, the notion of Swift making it to the Super Bowl were filled with conversations about jet lag, time zones and the International Date Line. After all, the pop culture icon is in the middle of the international swing of her “The Eras” tour, and was performing in Tokyo this week.

However, as pointed out by outlets from SB Nation to even the Japanese Embassy, because of the International Date Line, it was possible for her to make it to the game on time.

Here’s Swift vibing out to Post Malone’s “America the Beautiful.”

Well, now the possible has come to fruition:

Swift arrived well ahead of kickoff, with more than enough time to settle in and get ready for Super Bowl LVIII. Camera captured her making here way inside the stadium along with Ice Spice and Blake Lively:

Here’s Swift greeting Jason Kelce. And Jason Kelce shaking hands with Ice Spice:

Swift also got some time with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

In the second quarter Swift was shown on the scoreboard chugging a beer, to the amusement of the Allegiant Stadium crowd:

The global icon finished her show in Tokyo and then dashed to the airport, for the long flight to Los Angeles. Her plane was spotted landing at LAX on Saturday afternoon, around 3:30 pm local time:

See, you can stop worrying now.