Week 5 Film Review: Texans v. 49ers


Cushing and Watt blitzes, Matt Schaub pick sixes, and other film analysis from the Texans' loss to the 49ers last week.

QB3 spot: Round and round we go


Why are the 49ers seemingly so indecisive with their third QB, signing and then cutting guys at a record pace?

Battle Red Radio: Ugh, I Like Football?


The Texans fall 34-3 to the 49ers and Matt Schaub threw a pick six in his fourth straight game. What else is new? Check out this week's edition of Battle Red Radio.

Has Matt Schaub Turned Into Jake Delhomme?


Why the Houston Texans and their fans should be more than worried about Matt Schaub and his play for the rest of the season.

Breaking down the sack allowed against the Texans


We take a look at the single allowed sack by the San Francisco 49ers against the Houston Texans.

Texans Injuries: Owen Daniels Out 4-6 weeks


The injury bug claims its next victim. This time it's Texans' TE Owen Daniels.

The Day After: Gary Kubiak's Monday Presser


Want to see how the Texans' head coach answers questions about Matt Schaub, how exactly last night is not all Schaub's fault, and explains what happened in San Francisco last night? This post is...

MNF Open Thread: Jets v. Falcons


I can't promise you the sun, moon, or stars. I can promise you that Matt Schaub will not throw a pick-six during tonight's Jets-Falcons Monday Night Football game. Enjoy the MNF open thread on...

Owen Daniels To Have MRI On Fibula


Just in case you thought the Texans' debacle in San Francisco last night couldn't get any worse, Gary Kubiak announced Owen Daniels is having an MRI today.

This Week In Dumpster Fires (Also Pictures, Stats)


The Houston Texans suffered one of their most lopsided defeats in franchise history last night. Console yourself with some beautiful action shots from anyone but Matt Schaub.

49ers snap count vs. Texans


The 49ers were able to empty out their bench in their 34-3 win over the Houston Texans. We break down the snap count.

Checking The Pulse: Fans On Matt Schaub After SF


On the morning after the disaster in San Francisco, how do Texans fans feel about Matt Schaub?