Gary Kubiak Fired: Bob McNair Speaks


Take a look at the transcript from today's press conference at Reliant Stadium where Houston Texans owner Bob McNair announced that the team had fired head coach Gary Kubiak.

Why You Shouldn't Cheer For A Loss. Ever!


Losing hurts, and cheering for a loss hurts even more. David Corzo of Battle Red Blog gives his take on why fans shouldn't root for the Texans to lose this coming Sunday against the Jacksonville...

Oh, Snap! Raiders vs. Texans Snap Count Report


Here's how the Houston Texans deployed its roster during its franchise-worst eighth loss in a row. Jeff Tarpinian had an eventful game with his snaps, and are we seeing a rotation at left guard for...

The Captain's Log, Game Ten: "Occam's Razor"


Capt. Ron checks in with his thoughts on the Texans' loss to the Raiders, and takes stock of a team well into free fall this season.

Battle Red Radio: We Have Seen The Abyss

Stay awhile and listen to Battle Red Radio tonight at 7 p.m CST as we discuss Week Eleven's loss to the Raiders, look ahead to Week 12's game against the Jaguars and analyze the state of the...

Sponsored Post: Teammates of the Week (OAK v. HOU)


Come read the final Teammates of the Week post about the Texans. Hopefully, by now you know that the newest Call of Duty is out.

Vote: Should The Houston Texans Fire Rick Smith?


It would seem that Gary Kubiak is virtually guaranteed to be fired by Bob McNair at the end of the season. What about Houston Texans' general manager Rick Smith? Should he be terminated as well?

Kubiak: Case Keenum Will Start v. Jaguars


Gary Kubiak had his usual Monday afternoon press conference, and while he alleviated some concerns at the quarterback position, he hasn't regained much favor from the fan base.

Andre Johnson Speaks: On Schaub, Happiness, Etc.


Andre Johnson's confrontation with Matt Schaub at the end of the Texans' eighth loss in a row yesterday made national headlines. See what 'Dre had to say when he spoke with the media after the game.

The Morning After: Raiders at Texans


This win against the Houston Texans has catapulted the Raiders into the thick of the AFC playoff race despite being 4-6. It is real! There are just 6 games left and the Raiders are in a strong...

Gary Kubiak Did It His Way


Was Case Keenum incapable of understanding in-game adjustments in yesterday's loss to Oakland? Was he simply not prepared? Or is Gary Kubiak simply determined to go out on his own terms?

Video: Matt Schaub-Andre Johnson Sideline Exchange


If you haven't seen Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson yelling at each other toward the end of yesterday's Texans-Raiders game, here's some video for you.