Dare To Compare: Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson’s First Six Games


Observations about Watson’s first six games draw comparisons to the Seahawks QB’s early performances in the NFL.

The Film Room: Will Fuller V Touchdown Receptions


All Will Fuller V does is catch touchdown passes.

What’s going on with the Chiefs run defense?


Every Chiefs fan knows that the run defense has been ... not great over the last few years. It’s been written about time and again, and a simple browsing of the comment section here during games...

Touchdown Breakdown: Will Fuller


Two games. Four touchdowns. Will Fuller’s instant success in the 2017 campaign comes with some great highlight-reel catches.

Chiefs offensive trends vs. Houston


As the sample size grows on the 2017 edition of the Kansas City Chiefs offense, defenses are starting to catch up a little with what they are doing. I’ve really liked a lot of the things that both...

Alex 2.0 lives against the Texans


So in 2015, Alex Smith went through a stretch of several games where he played better than he’d played previously as a Chief. It wasn’t as good as what we’ve seen in 2017, but it was noticeable. I...

The Cameron Erving review


When the Chiefs traded for offensive lineman Cameron Erving earlier this season, there were, um, some questions. After all, Erving’s time with the Cleveland Browns (after being a hot commodity in...

Are the Chiefs peaking too early?


Welcome to the best episode in AHPKC Chiefs Podcast history - until next week, that is

The Captain's Log 2017, Game 5: "Heroes—Two Fall, Two Rise”


Capt Ron chronicles the Texans' recent loss to the Chiefs before reviewing the latest from around the AFC South. Join the conversation at Battle Red Blog.

Chiefs stock report: 7 up, 3 down


The 5-0 Kansas City Chiefs dominated again this week in Houston. The big play offense continued and they finally got the special teams score we’ve been waiting for. Everyone else has your Alex...

New Faces, Old Opponents: Cleveland Browns


10 draft picks and a ton a cap room later, the Browns have a lot of new faces (but not any wins).

45 Seconds: Never assume


“You know what, that's something about assume, you shouldn't assume. Because you know what happens when you assume. Yeah.” - Former Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel in 2012 I was the proud owner of...