Joseph Addai

New England Patriots #29 - Running Back

  • Born: 05/03/83
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 214

How Cam Akers’ first playoff game ranks among all-time rookie leaders


Les Snead did the right thing with Cam Akers

Colts Rookie Report: Week 14 vs. Raiders


OFFENSE Jonathan Taylor continues an impressive late-season surge out of the backfield. In his last three games, he has rushed for 331 yards on 55 carries, a six yeards-per-carry average. He has...

How the 5-0 2020 Seahawks are like and unlike the 5-0 2006 Colts


We ended with a bit of dread. Let us begin this with some hope. 2006 Indianapolis Colts How they were like the Seahawks: The ‘06 Colts were led by a great quarterback in his prime. The Colts had...

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You have $38 dollars in your pocket and you have to put together an 11-man offense. You go on Amazon and you see all these players (with their price-points) are available and in their primes. Who...

The 2010s All Decade Colts Team (Wine Bottle Style)


As the decade winds down, it’s a good time to look back on a very successful decade for the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts made the playoffs 6 times, winning the division thrice, making it to the A...

Rushing Retrospective, 2009: Rex Ryan and the New York Jets


To understand the present, its important to revisit the past.

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Green Beret Brian Decker thinks he can improve success rate of NFL first-round draft picksHalf of all first-round draft picks fail in the NFL. Brian Decker believes he can improve that rate, but...

Indianapolis Colts Rookie Report: Week 17 vs. Tennessee Titans


The Indianapolis Colts continued to rely heavily on young players to put away the Tennessee Titans in Nashville on Sunday night. It was a great opportunity for the young Colts to get recognized on...

Eric Berry could be the Bob Sanders of 2018


In 2006, the Colts defense suddenly got better when Bob Sanders returned for the postseason. Could the same happen with Eric Berry?

Reggie Wayne’s five best catches


In 2001, Bill Polian invested in the 30th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. The Indianapolis Colts selected Reggie Wayne, a receiver out of Miami. Little did they know they’d end up with...

Jaguars vs. Colts primer: Key matchups, storylines, predictions, and more for Week 10


The Jacksonville Jaguars head to the middle of America this Sunday to take on divisional rival Indianapolis Colts (3-5) at Lucas Oil Stadium at 1:00pm EST. For fans not making the trip, we’ll have...

Knee-Jerk Reactions: Colts stun Raiders in fourth quarter for 42 - 28 victory


For the first time this season, the Indianapolis Colts offense had to make up for a lousy defensive effort. Well, that is until rookie linebacker Darius Leonard forced a fumble and gifted Indy’s...