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Capitals' Backstrom Gives Thanks To His Teammates In A Big Way

Washington Capitals forward Nicklas Backstrom received an nice 10-year contract extension in May, and it appears his teammates are already reaping some benefits of the deal.

According to official team blog Dump 'n' Chase, after a recent practice, Capitals players returned to their lockers and found a single box which contained a brand new Apple iPad from Backstrom.

The 22-year-old didn't seem to think the gesture was too big of a deal.

"My teammates have been so helpful to me these first three years," he said. "They’ve helped me play good and make everything easier for me. I just wanted to thank them for helping me out. Signing a new contract, I wanted to show them my appreciation."

Eric Fehr, who posted this tweet after he received his, was impressed.

"I thought it was awesome. He is a real classy guy. It was real nice of him to get a little gift for the rest of the guys on the team and I am definitely going to put it to use."

It's safe to say what will be keeping the Capitals occupied during their time on the road this season, and it's all thanks to D.C.'s newest long-term Cap.