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The Washington Capitals Announcers Were Not Impressed By This Goal

One of the best parts about sports are the shamless homers that announce games on local broadcasts. Sure, it's nice to have objective analysis from the experts, but it's a lot more entertaining to listen to guys that are supposed to be objective, and watch just how far over the line they can go.

Will they start openly excoriating the refs if things don't go their way? Will they obsess over a player on the other team and start wondering aloud whether he "plays the right way"?

Or maybe one of them will say, "...And there it is. That's a SHITTY hockey goal, Joe." From Thursday night's Panthers-Caps game:

But wait... There's an explanation!

For what it's worth, Craig Laughlin, the announcer in question, claims he said it was a "SHINNY" goal, and shinny is apparently a form of pickup hockey, so I guess his alibi checks out. But still. Listen to the video. It sure sounds like sh**ty, right?

Decide for yourselves, then.

But you know, even if Laughlin did have a Freudian slip, we can't be too mad. For one, it was a crappy goal. Plus, at the end of the day, it's just another great moment in homer history...