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Could The San Jose Sharks Claim Evgeni Nabokov Off Waivers?

The San Jose Sharks opted not to re-sign Evgeni Nabokov, the goalie who put in 10 years of service for the organization, last summer. As a result, Nabokov went to Russia, but after just 22 games of bad hockey, he left his Russian club and began searching for a new NHL home.

The Detroit Red Wings are attempting to become that club, and it looks as though they'll sign him to a cheap, almost league minimum deal. The chances of Nabokov clearing waivers are essentially slim-to-none, though, as it's assumed that a team will certainly claim him.

Could that team be the Sharks? That'd be pretty damn ironic, wouldn't it?

Sharks goalie Antero Niittymaki went down with a lower-body injury during the morning skate on Thursday in Vancouver, and as a result, an emergency call up from the University of British Columbia will backup Antti Niemi tonight. Niittymaki's injury leaves the Sharks with only one inconsistent NHL goaltender, and he's been placed on injured reserve, so he could be out for some time.

It might be worth it to the Sharks to make a claim on their old friend.