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2011 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft: A Quick Glance At Tonight's Rules

It isn't just mass chaos at tonight's NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft. There are actually quite a few rules to be followed, so let's quickly break them down. 

For starters, each team already consists of three players. On Team Staal, captain Eric Staal is joined by alternate captains Mike Green and Ryan Kesler. On Team Lidstrom, captain Nicklas Lidstrom is joined by alternate captains Patrick Kane and Martin St. Louis. 

Each team must have six defensemen, three goalies and 12 forwards by the end of the draft. The three goalies must be selected by the 10th round. The six defensemen need to be selected by the 15th round.

Because of this, we're assured that the last player selected will be a forward. Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche Tweeted that the last player picked will get a car. Nice consolation.

First pick in the draft will be determined by a coin flip at the start of the event.