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Tim Thomas, Not The Fastest Skater, Falls During Skills Competition Goalie Duel

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The NHL's getting seriously innovative with this year's All-Star Game, and most of it has been pretty fantastic stuff. There's the whole drafting the teams thing, for starters, and there are a bunch of different little quirks in tonight's All-Star SuperSkills competition.

One of those quirks came in the first event of the evening --  the Fastest Skater. After Duncan Keith and Kris Letang started things off by skating backwards, the goalies got involved. Hometown favorite Cam Ward went head-to-head with Boston's Tim Thomas. 

Ward beat Thomas, which led to a pretty ridiculous ovation from the RBC Center crowd, but that was in part due to this little mishap. He usually keeps his flopping around to the crease, but not tonight. After the jump...


via 30fps