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NHL Realignment Could Move Detroit Red Wings To Southeast, Winnipeg To Central

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The NHL is expected to decide on the future alignment of its conferences in December, and the only thing we can say with near certainty is that the Detroit Red Wings will be in the Eastern Conference come the 2012-13 season. Whether that is part of a major realignment of the teams is still undecided. According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, there are only two expected moves: the Red Wings to the Southeast division in the Eastern Conference and the Winnipeg Jets to the Central division in the Western Conference.

The Jets are playing in the Southeast division this season as a result of moving from Atlanta during the summer. But this change still leaves Detroit geographically challenged. While Detroit gains the Eastern Conference spot in has long desired, their new division rivals range from Washington to Carolina and from Tampa to Sunrise, Fla.

However, these small changes are contrary to multiple reports over the summer that had the league looking toward radical realignment.