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Anze Kopitar: Officially Better Than Any NFL Quarterback At The Hail Mary

It's one thing that Anze Kopitar tried a Hail Mary-type lob pass over the entire opposing defense once. It's another thing that he tried it twice. It's a completely other thing that he's now done it twice and it's worked exactly as planned both times.

Think back to late December 2010. In a game against the San Jose Sharks, Kopitar picked up the puck near his own blue line, and immediately, Dustin Brown took off. Instead of trying to feed the puck through the defense to the streaking Brown, Kopitar just lobbed it up over the neutral zone, where it fell on Brown's stick. He walked in and lifted it right over the goaltender.

Then, on Tuesday night, Kopitar did it again, only this time his partner was new King Simon Gagne. Watch:

Just incredible. Like I said, to do this once is one thing.... but twice? In less than a calendar year? Please, Kings fans, share with us some awesome story about how Kopitar stays late at practice every day and works on this, because that's literally the only way I can comprehend this.