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NHL Signs Major European TV Deal: Games To Be Broadcast Across Scandinavia

The NHL agreed to a deal with MTG to broadcast North American hockey in four Nordic countries.

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The NHL inked another major television deal on Thursday as MTG acquired the rights to broadcast North American hockey in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. The deal is reportedly set to span five years and is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 million dollars.

According to the report, the pact between the NHL and MTG encompasses every regular season and playoff game. The NHL matchups will be broadcast in a variety of ways, both free and over pay-channels.

All 1,230 regular season games and all playoff games will be shown in Nordic countries on MTG’s pay-channels and online streaming services, while some games will also be on free-to-air channels. There will also be a new NHL-produced daily highlights show.

NHL COO John Collins hailed the deal as a big win for the NHL and its fans.

"This is a landmark agreement that will deliver every NHL game to the Nordics for the first time ever," said John Collins, NHL Chief Operating Officer.  "In combination with the local-language websites launched at the start of the season, this distribution partnership gives NHL fans in the Nordic countries unprecedented access to our games and our players. It's a win for NHL hockey and a win for our fans."

The deal is part of the NHL's concerted effort to continue to grow its audience beyond just North America. The league has been launching local language websites and stepping up its mobile development as it looks to reach out across the globe and grow its base.