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Jaromir Jagr Scores First Goal With Flyers, Looks Very 1990's

Generally speaking, Jaromir Jagr has looked pretty good as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers so far this season. He's not been fantastic, but he's been very solid alongside budding superstar Claude Giroux

He scored his first goal of the season, and thus his first as a Flyer, on Monday night against Toronto, and in doing so, he looked very, very much like the Jagr we all know and love. Or hate. Or whatever.

Everything from receiving the pass to splitting the defense to putting the puck past Jonas Gustavsson to the trademark salute afterwards, Jagr looked like his old self on that sequence. Later in the game, he almost had a second goal on another breakaway, just missing by about an inch of Gustavsson's leg. 

Jagr might not be able to do this consistently like he used to in the 1990s, but at age 39, I think we'll all take these awesome little glimpses.