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Sidney Crosby Still Out Thursday, Status Unchanged

See that last Sidney Crosby update? We can basically just copy and paste it and throw it here, just changing around the dates a little bit. The Pittsburgh Penguins announced Wednesday that Crosby's status still remains unchanged, and that he won't be in the lineup for Thursday's game at Tampa Bay.

He's been practicing on a top line and is traveling with the team on their two-game road trip in Florida, but his status is still unchanged and he still remains on injured reserve. The Pens have said they'll alert media at least one day before Crosby is set to return to the lineup, and they can wait until 5 p.m. ET on any game day before they have to make the official move and take him off IR.

We're unaware of the chances of Crosby playing on Saturday against the Panthers, but it's status quo for now. The Penguins will let us know when something changes, and until then, we'll keep letting you know that nothing is changing.