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Tom Gaglardi Approved As New Dallas Stars Owner, According To Report

Tom Gagardi will be the next owner of the Dallas Stars. The NHL's Board of Governors reportedly approved him as the new owner this week, and the move could be officially announced as soon as next week.

Tom Gaglardi will be the next owner of the Dallas Stars, according to a report from ESPN Dallas. The NHL's Board of Governors has approved Gaglardi as the next owner, and after a bankruptcy hearing in Delaware on Friday, the team will, in all likelihood, be his. It just requires the expected approval by a judge.

A press conference announcing Gaglardi as the new owner could be held as early as next week, perhaps even Monday. Gaglardi is expected to reinstate former Stars president Jim Lites back into that same position.

Stars fans have been stressing for quite some time over this drawn out sale of their team, and the news here is extremely welcome to those who've followed it closely at Stars blog Defending Big D.

We've been waiting for this news for a long time. It feels good, and it's happening at an appropriate time of year. I can add one more thing that I'm sincerely thankful for this year. Thank you Tom Gaglardi for rescuing this team from financial hell, and thank you Jim Lites for whatever magic you're about to work getting this team back on it's collective feet.

You can read much, much more about the entire Dallas Stars sale process with Defending Big D's full coverage of the saga.