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Alex Ovechkin Swears At Bruce Boudreau, But Did Capitals Coach Make Right Call?

Alex Ovechkin wasn't on the ice in the waning moments of the third period on Tuesday night, as Washington Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau decided to keep his star player and the face of the franchise on the bench despite the need for a big time goal.

It's safe to say the Caps star was a little angry with the decision.


The best part of the video might not be the hilariously awkward exchange between Ovechkin and Boudreau there, but instead the fact that Keith Jones, in analyzing the players who would come on the ice following the timeout, said that "of course Ovechkin is going to be one of those guys."

Nicklas Backstrom wound up scoring on this last shift of regulation, tying the game. Backstrom also scored a game-winning goal in overtime off an assist from Ovechkin. 

It's really not much of a controversy. Ovechkin was angry that he wasn't playing, said something that we're not really sure of -- although we all have our assumptions. Either way, he was angry. As is to be expected. He's used to being on the ice in those situations, and this might have been the first time in years he wasn't on the ice in that situation. You'd be pissed off too, and you'd probably say something under your breath about the guy making the decisions.

But Boudreau defended his decision by saying that Ovechkin wasn't playing well in the game, and that the players that did find their way onto the ice in the dying seconds were playing better. Via SB Nation DC:

"I thought other guys were better than him and I thought there was just a chance that other guys might score the goal," Boudreau said. "I just didn't think Alex was going to score the goal at that time tonight. You go with your gut feeling, thinking that line is going pretty good and I got lucky."

You know what's a good way of judging how Ovechkin played in the game (besides, you know, actually watching him play the game)? Take a look over at the Japers' Rink recap of the win. How many times is Ovechkin mentioned there? Just once, and it's in regards to this little controversy-not controversy. 

Ovi was invisible in the game, in the post-game recap of the game and on the ice in the final minute. Seems to make a little bit of sense. 

Video via Mr. Irrelevant