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VIDEO: Sidney Crosby Returns, Collects 4 Points In Blowout Win

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Playing his first game since being sidelined by a concussion in January, Sidney Crosby made up for lost time in Pittsburgh's 5-0 blowout win over the Islanders. He scored his first goal just three shifts into his return, but he was just getting started, eventually assisting on goals by Brooks Orpik and Evgeni Malkin before finding the back of the net himself on the Penguins' fifth and final goal, which you can see after the jump: 

Over at PensBurgh, FrankD puts the night into perspective:

Say what you will about the Penguins beating the "lowly" Islanders. The point isn't that they beat a struggling team, the point is Crosby alleviated any doubts about his health, his rust or his skills with a brilliant four-point night. He will undoubtedly be evaluated by doctors, but hopefully they don't have to look too far past the score sheet to see that Crosby is doing just fine.

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